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Tundra is a digital agency. Founded in Melbourne in 2004. We’re a people-led, pragmatically creative studio.

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We discover, design and develop digital experiences.


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Solving digital problems with smart, simple solutions; we're simply straightforward.


Business + governance strategy

Taking a collaborative approach with our client partners, and becoming an extension of their business, to ensure their products achieve the impact they deserve.

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User research + testing

Your users define the success of your product, so their involvement and inclusion in the design journey is a vital part of our process, research and expertise.

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Content creation + copywriting

Ensuring your primary digital asset (your content) is engaging, accessible, effective and structured according to real user needs is a critical priority when planning for success.

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UX strategy + design

Having a solid foundational strategy for your digital product ensures your product is following the right path towards success.

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We get to the core of your organisation to crystallise brand propositions, strategies and identities that present you clearly and uniquely to the world.

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Part of the Tundra family, we provide a specialised offering of motion production services.

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Website + application design

We specialise in creating brand-building interfaces that are modern, responsive and user-friendly, so your audience can achieve their goals easily.

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Frontend development

The technologies that drive the modern web move a mile a minute, and we like to keep up with them to give your users the best online experience.

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Backend development

We create scalable, secure and performant solutions that grow with your business for true longevity.

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Quality assurance

Our quality assurance team ensures that the end product we deliver has been built robustly and according to all documented requirements.

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Project management

We believe that close collaboration between agency and client is essential to the success of any project, and this collaborative approach is deeply ingrained in our ways of working.

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Stakeholder management

The success of your project relies as much on the journey we and your organisation go on together, as much as it relies on the quality of the end product.

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Google Analytics

To make the most of your website, you need accurate, insightful and actionable data about your visitors.

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