Project management

At Tundra, we believe forming strong and real partnerships is critical to the success of the project. That’s why, instead of working to a traditional approach — brief, project plan, project execution — our project managers like to establish a more collaborative environment.

We like to utilise facetime better (albeit remotely), especially in planning the work and setting up-front measures of success. It gives us all the ability to stay connected, re-prioritise, plan faster, and pivot easily when circumstances change.

Your dedicated Producer

Our Producers are the combination of an Account Manager, focused on your team, business objectives and needs; and a Project Manager, focused on coordinating and synchronising the delivery of tasks or projects in the studio. They are part of our clients’ teams and are committed to creating great user experiences together.

Pragmatic + adaptable approach

We know that every project is different. We also know that change is completely unavoidable. That’s why we don’t follow a rigid process or prioritise any one methodology over the other. We prefer to listen to your needs, constraints and challenges, then use that information to create a project plan to meet your goals. We’re well-versed in Agile project management principles, and can run your project using Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Lean or hybrid approaches to get us from idea to reality.

Transparency + collaboration as default

Transparency plays an important role within Tundra — and this doesn’t stop at the client. During a project, everyone is kept up to date with either internal daily stand-ups, weekly WIP meetings or calls, or planning meetings. Weekly progress emails are coordinated to ensure every stakeholder and team member can be kept in the loop regardless of their level of involvement.

Regular communication + project tracking

We use a variety of tools to map out our projects and we will work with you as to the most suitable management tools to collaborate with.

Visualising the project plan in a Gantt-chart is often an effective way of visualising key milestones whilst also mapping out dependencies. This will be a living planning document where you will have up to date information on what’s happening now and what’s coming up next. We also track all project work, progress and velocity through Trello, Jira and Confluence, giving you access to everything in one place, as well as using Google Docs/Sheets for collaborating on key pieces of work.

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