Quality assurance

QA is a crucial part of the development lifecycle of websites and applications. QA allows us to safely validate that the products we build deliver excellent usability, functionality, and performance — before they launch to the public.

Quality assurance testing

As features are implemented, our testers develop test scripts and complete rigorous quality assurance testing to ensure that technical, design and user experience requirements are met prior to any deployment or launch.

Load testing

If you’re expecting large traffic volumes to your site or application, it pays to have the peace of mind in knowing that what we’ve built can withstand the pressure. By conducting extensive load testing, we can simulate heavy demand on the servers to ensure performance remains steady even under strenuous loads.

Pre-launch activities

Once a site, application or digital solution is ready to go live, we conduct extensive pre-launch testing and launch preparation activities to ensure that, as soon as it goes live, there are no unforeseen issues and it can begin creating impact among its users straight away. We don’t disappear at that point either. We’ll also be on hand to provide any and all technical support required pre-, during, and post-launch.

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