User research + testing

Ultimately, it’s your users who define the success of your product, so their involvement and inclusion in the design journey, both directly and indirectly, is a vital part of our process and expertise.

Surveys + analytics

The modern web is a sea of data and opportunity. We can generate and thoroughly analyse this data to get a comprehensive understanding of both user attitudes and behaviours. This data can steer us towards further questions to be answered, important areas of focus, or powerful insights to build directly into your product.

Focus groups + interviews

Engaging in UX research by speaking directly to users about their needs, expectations, motivations, behaviours and past experiences unlocks a treasure trove of information that we use to shape our understanding of a problem or challenge. This then guides our thinking throughout the entire project, so we have a north star with which to guide our solutions.

User testing

There is nothing more insightful than sitting someone down in front of your product and observing how they use it. Where do they come unstuck? How are they attempting to achieve their goals? And, does this align with how we’re trying to guide them there in the first place? Whether it’s your existing product, or our own proposed design solutions and prototypes, we use rigorous and methodical user testing to uncover problems and validate solutions.

Observational fieldwork

Close observation of real users ‘in the wild’, in their own contexts, on their own devices, is an incredibly powerful tool not just in understanding the usability of your product, but also in understanding the non-digital influences within their environment that might have an impact on their experience.

Card sorting + tree testing

The underlying structure and labelling of the pages and categories of your website or app is a vital factor in its overall navigability. Through user testing we ensure your site structure is easy to understand and navigate. We engage real users to get a better understanding of their mental models in relation to your products and services through both card sorting and tree testing activities. The data from this research directly informs how your product is presented to your users.

Participatory + codesign activities

We do not design for users, we design with users. Through a range of participatory and codesign user research activities (some mentioned above), we ensure your users are equal partners in the decision making process of designing and improving your product.

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