UX strategy + design

UX strategy is where your organisation’s objectives and the strategy underlying the pixels on the page begin to meet. Having a solid foundational user experience strategy for your digital product ensures your product is following the right path towards success.

Stakeholder research

Through workshops and collaborative exploration and UX design activities, we get a thorough understanding of your goals, challenges and specific requirements. These give us a clear picture of what you want to achieve, while we also explore how to achieve them together as one combined project team.

User research

Products work best when they align with existing user needs and behaviours. We use a broad range of research methods from qualitative and quantitative to behavioural and attitudinal, to get a complete picture of your users’ contexts, motivations and behaviours. By engaging your audience regularly at all stages of the project lifecycle, we can create models of our users, gather important insights and requirements, and test our thinking to validate our UX solutions before the product launches.

Journey definition

With our business objectives and our user needs captured and clearly defined and crystallised into a cohesive strategy and documented scope, we get to work on the structure, skeleton and surface of the product. Through journey-mapping, information architecture and testing of a wide variety of ideas, we end up with a more robust solution that executes our strategy to a T.

Wireframing + prototyping

As we ideate on the right solution to solve the problems we’ve identified, we start to create wireframes and prototypes. These artefacts enable us to explore a range of options, test their viability and move forward with more defined, validated requirements.

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