Business + governance strategy

We take an extremely collaborative approach with our client partners, becoming an extension of their business, to ensure their product strategy achieves the impact they deserve.

Project planning

When you bring a brief to us, we take the time to unpack everything—to question and understand your objectives—so we can create a comprehensive project management plan to suit the unique needs of your organisation.

Requirements gathering

Digital products require extensive upfront planning and requirements gathering to ensure the end result meets its objectives. Through collaborative exploration activities we leave no stone unturned, to uncover everything your project strategy needs to achieve from the very start of our engagement.

Customer experience strategy

Your digital product doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It is one part of a broader customer experience and journey. We can analyse your various touchpoints, both on and offline, to plan and implement an ideal user experience and holistic customer journey.

Client workshops

Getting a deep understanding of your business —its offerings, its challenges, and the communities it serves—is at the core of what we do. We run in-person and remote-moderated workshops to explore challenges, uncover opportunities, develop business strategies, and ideate and test solutions. Because the work is always better when it is done collaboratively.

Governance strategy + organisation design

We never throw a completed project over the fence to our client and hope for the best. The strategy for how it will be successfully managed internally once it launches forms a vital part of our design. We work with our clients to understand their capabilities and resources, and to create back end and content authoring experiences that support your business strategy.

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