Backend development

We’re adept in both Agile and Waterfall methodology, and our talented back end development team deliver quality, robust code that is thoroughly tested and reviewed.

We don’t force you to use a particular architecture, programming language or web development methodology. Instead, we base our decision on the requirements of a project. We’ll discuss the best technology for your needs, taking into account important things like flexibility and scalability.

Scalable + reliable systems

Tundra has many years’ experience hosting scalable and secure solutions with Amazon Web Services (AWS). We’ve developed many standards over the years that ensure great performance and best practice in website security. There are many pitfalls inherent in hosting scalable websites and the solutions to these problems now form part of every website rollout we perform.

Solution architecture + integrations

We’ll work with you to understand the technical requirements of your project, and in turn design a solution that not only delivers on these goals, but sets a solid foundation for future technical growth. Our talented back end development team are well versed in solving complicated technical problems with smart architecture design, and building complex integrations.

Craft CMS

We’ve got years of experience building strong, performant and reliable websites on Craft CMS. We prefer it for its flexibility, extensibility, performance, and its authoring experience. Craft CMS makes it incredibly easy for you to manage, draft, review and publish your content. And when we find something it can’t do—which is rare—we build custom apps and plugins to take care of your specific needs.


We always complete environment configuration at the start of back end development, setting up secure VPCs, verifying domains for TLS certificates and SMTP. Environments will always be served over HTTPS. If client domains are not verified by this time, Tundra development domains and certificates will ensure a secure environment in the meantime.

Speed + performance

We know the importance of a fast and performant website, not just to your users, but also to search engines. Every website we develop is rigorously tested (usually via Google Lighthouse) to ensure pages comply with SEO best practice and rank as FAST.

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