Politix Website Redesign


We worked with Politix to apply a refreshed, luxury branding to their eCommerce website.

The brief

Politix has recently undergone a brand refresh, and wanted to update their website design to match the new premium direction of their brand. The site design would be updated incrementally, beginning with the home page, navigation, product listing page, and product detail pages.

We worked with Politix and their development partner to deliver an elevated design that brought a sense of luxury to the site, and aligned with findings from Politix’s internal CRO and UX optimisation projects.

What we did

Bringing the refreshed brand to life online

To bring the new Politix brand to life, we applied a digital lens to the guidelines developed by Politix’s branding agency, finding ways to implement different brand elements into the website design. Our goal was to create a seamless branded experience for Politix customers, from physical brand elements such as in store signage and garment tags, through to the digital experience on the Politix website. As we’ve moved through the design, we’ve also built out the digital style guide for the brand, ensuring that all our design applications are documented and repeatable for future digital projects.

How we did it

A CRO-led design

Politix has a strong focus on user testing and CRO, with dedicated user testing rooms on-site at their offices. Throughout the project, we worked with stakeholders from across Politix and parent company Country Road Group to understand the results of their CRO experiments and user testing projects, and implement the recommendations into our designs.

Having access to the CRO data across multiple brands within the Country Road Group helped to contextualise the findings of each experiment, providing us with greater insight into where and how we could apply these learnings to the Politix site. This ensured that our design was both data-led and contextualised to the unique needs of the Politix brand and their audience.

Collaborative design across agencies

Throughout the project, we worked closely with stakeholders from Politix, as well as their brand agency and development partners. We received handover documentation from the brand agency outlining the principles of the new brand, and then worked collaboratively with both marketing and UX teams at Politix to incorporate brand requirements and findings from user research into our designs. We were also in constant communication with the development partner that would be taking on the site build to ensure that all our design decisions were being documented in a way that made handoff simple and seamless.

An evolving digital style guide

As the project would be rolled out in phases, we took care to develop a style sheet that could act as a living document, taking on new elements over time as the designs evolved. Each design decision we made included an element of forward-thinking — ensuring that we were designing UI patterns that were repeatable and could easily and logically be applied to other sections of the site. For ease of development handoff, we created two versions of this style sheet: one to act as a living document for the design team, and the other to act as the ‘signed-off’ source of truth for the development team. Each version is housed in its own Figma file, with changes from the living document being rolled into the development version as new phases of the site design are completed.


The project successfully launched the new Politix branding online, meeting each client milestone in their rollout plan, and establishing a digital style guide to be utilised for future projects.

As a result of this project, we were also given the opportunity to work on a design refresh for many other Country Road Group brands.

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