Nike In-store Activation

In-store activation and web app. We designed and built a web app for the opening of the Exclusive Jordan Space at Melbourne Central.

The brief

To promote the opening of the Exclusive Jordan Space at Melbourne Central, Nike ran a series of in-store activations and giveaways. This was aimed at encouraging people to visit the store and interact with the Jordan brand in a more rewarding and engaging way.

What we did

When the project kicked off with us, Nike had already developed a number of prize packs to give away over the course of the opening week. There were also physical lockers installed in the store to later be used for click and collect orders.

We worked with Nike to develop a user flow for the activation where users could head in-store, verify their Nike membership, and have a chance at winning a prize stored inside one of the lockers.

The user flow needed to accommodate a successful path (where users would unlock a locker with a prize), and an unsuccessful path, as there were only 25 physical lockers, and far more people were expected to interact with this each day.

To support the user flow we had developed, we built a flow of designed screens and interfaces to facilitate the key moments of member verification, locker assignment and prize fulfilment.

How we did it

We first mapped out the full user flow and identified the different steps required for our audience to complete the tasks. Then we started on design and animation for each step and associated screen, working closely with Nike to best utilise the Jordan brand creative.

While working on the initial design direction, we simultaneously planned out the hardware requirements, and in-store staff expectations to facilitate the activation seamlessly.

We then created a database of unique codes to unlock each of the 25 lockers across the 10 days of the promotion. These codes formed part of a staff instruction manual to ensure the locker codes were manually reset at the end of each day.

We set up a VueJS application using a custom store and database to handle the different locker code combinations and individual entries for each day of the competition. Upon the user being selected as a winner, a randomly generated number would pick a locker from the list that had not yet been claimed.

We also set up logic to control the probability of users successfully unlocking a locker. This allowed us to track the daily interactions and giveaways, and consequently adjust the probability to speed up or slow down the prize fulfilment each day, based on real time traffic.


Once a user entered their details on the iPad interface, and we’d verified against our database that they hadn’t already entered that day, the iPad displayed either a locker number and unlock code, or a ‘better luck next time’ message.

If a locker number was assigned, the user could use the code to unlock and claim their prize. If they were unsuccessful, the staff would hand them a 10% off voucher, to encourage return visits and subsequent purchase.

Impact of the work

On the first day of the store opening, prizes from all 25 lockers were claimed within a few hours, with most of those who received the 10% off consolation prize returning later in the week to redeem their offer.

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