Nike By You Customisation Service

Customisation Service. We worked with Nike to develop the in-store customer flow and to then design and build a web app for their product customisation service.

The brief

When Nike redeveloped their flagship Melbourne Central store, they introduced a new focus on product customisation services.

This service was known as ’Nike By You’, and Nike recruited Tundra to develop the in-store touchpoints that customers and staff would use to learn about the service and create custom Nike products.

What we did

We partnered with Nike to design and develop a web app for in-store iPads and accompanying customer journeys for their product customisation services.

We worked closely with Nike to understand how the app would be used by both customers and staff, and to gather requirements for value-add services such as customer notifications and stock management tools for the in-store teams.

How we did it

We first created a set of interactive wireframes based on our assumptions as to how the web app should work, and what sort of customisation options customers would want. We used these wireframes to conduct user testing and identify strengths and potential pain points for consideration throughout this project.

We took our learnings into visual design, where we created the styles for the customer interface, as well as a holding screen animation that would play on loop whenever the iPads sat idle within the store. These animations were created to draw customers in and invite them to start interacting with the service.

The customisation web app we designed and built, allowed customers to select their base product (T-shirts, Air Force 1s etc), select heat press badges or exclusive digital prints to add to the product, or choose to engrave custom text or their initials.

We housed the customisation elements and order details in Firebase, allowing us to keep the custom badges and prints updated regularly as new Nike campaigns are released.

As well as designing and developing the customer-facing experience, we worked closely with Nike and their retail teams to build a dashboard for Melbourne Central staff to manage stock of the customisation product and accessories, as well as track and fulfill orders. The dashboard also allowed staff to turn elements or services on and off if stock is running low or the customisation machines are down for maintenance.

We participated in a staff training day to demonstrate how the admin dashboard worked, and also collected on-site feedback for further enhancements once the staff could test out the full flow in the actual retail space.

As a high volume of orders was anticipated at launch, we also included additional SMS functionality to notify customers when their order is ready to collect, to allow for longer lead times during busy periods.

Impact of the work

400 Nike By You orders were processed in the first two weeks, with the experience continuing to excite dedicated fans and draw new customers to the store.

The in-store experience has continued to grow since it first launched with the Melbourne Central store reopening, extending to more services and stores, such as sports bra customisation at Nike Emporium, and seasonal prints and badges for tees.

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