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We worked with Metricon to develop a handover website that would house all the service and warranty information their customers need when they move into their new homes.

The brief

While the Metricon Homes website provides prospective customers with a simple way to browse home designs and house and land packages, existing customers also needed a way to browse service and warranty information about their new homes.

Metricon engaged Tundra to design and develop a handover website that would act as a repository for new Metricon home owners looking for warranty information and home care tips.

What we did

Leveraging existing design patterns

To capitalise on the design and development that had already been completed during the Metricon Homes website redevelopment project and provide users with a consistent and familiar user experience, we performed an audit of the existing site components to determine where they could be repurposed for the handover site.

Given the unique repository function of the site, we also identified the need for several new components that could facilitate the search and discovery of manuals and warranty documents.

To complement the content-focused nature of the site, we implemented a custom search results page that allows users to filter their search by a range of attributes, including article category, area of house, and materials/finishes. We also designed a new accordion style to facilitate longer content sections, allowing for the progressive disclosure of detailed information without cluttering the user experience.

To make it easier for users to navigate to popular pages and categories, we designed a bespoke homepage component that provided quick links into core site journeys. More recently, we have worked with Metricon to add a new component that can be used to display adjunct service offers from their partner organisations.

How we did it


In developing the new components, we were also able to implement a number of UX upgrades that could be simultaneously rolled out across the Metricon Homes website. This included updates to the Algolia search integration and the way filter options were presented on the front end, allowing for greater transparency in the number of available items within each filter category.

While the two websites exist in different Craft instances, the shared codebase means that whenever technical upgrades are made to one website, they can be easily and simultaneously rolled out across the other website, as well. This reduces overall development effort and prevents the build up of technical debt over time.

While the two websites have their own codebases and Craft instances and are managed by different teams, they align so closely that whenever technical upgrades or enhancements are made to one they can be easily rolled out to the other website soon after. This prevents the build up of technical debt over time, but more importantly, provides a push-pull effect for ongoing innovation.

Facilitating regional content

With building codes and suppliers differing across states, Metricon needed the ability to display different service information and documents within each of their build regions. To facilitate this, we created the ability for content managers to set regions at a page or component level, with the frontend experience reflecting the specific content that has been tagged as relevant for the user’s region.

This allows Metricon content managers to create multi-region content within a single entry in the CMS, reducing duplication and allowing for seamless management of regional variations in content.


The MyHome handover site provides Metricon homeowners with a one-stop-shop for all their maintenance, warranty, and service information needs.

Since launching the site to Victorian customers, Metricon is now working to roll out the experience nation-wide, and is looking ahead to the next horizon of feature development to continually add value to the after-market experience.

It was great to work at the other end of the customer journey, bringing to life a site with so many handy and useful resources to help Metricon customers settle into life in their new home.  Heather Pilkington, Senior Digital Producer

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