Foot Locker Space Jam Activation

Space Jam Digital Activation. We created an interactive digital activation to support a basketball shootout game and competition to celebrate the launch of Space Jam: a New Legacy.

The brief

As the home of Nike basketball, Foot Locker celebrated the launch of the Nike Space Jam footwear and apparel collection by creating hype around the movie release of Space Jam: a New Legacy. To bring awareness to the collection, they needed to create the ultimate, nostalgia-inspiring launch event for hoops fans.

Foot Locker and Nike engaged Tundra to create a basketball shootout game for a collection launch event at Chadstone shopping centre. The game allowed users to attempt to score five shots within a time limit to get themselves on the leaderboard with a chance to win prizes from the Nike Space Jam footwear and apparel collection.

What we did

To bring the atmosphere of a basketball game to the event space, we considered each user touchpoint of the shootout experience. We needed to create the game itself, a way for a referee to keep score, a way to reset the game at the end of each hour, and an engaging way for players and spectators to keep up with the competition.

We achieved this by building a flow of screens and interfaces to facilitate the event.

The first touchpoint was a registration form screen that we designed and built, which was displayed on an iPad for participants to enter their details, once they reached the front of the queue to play the game.

We also built an admin interface where the referee (a Foot Locker Striper) could start a player’s game, once their details had been captured and they were about to start play.

This would trigger a big screen to display the player’s name and a countdown to start the shootout. We designed and animated the content on the big screen to capture the attention of the spectators and build anticipation and excitement for the player.

The referee used the admin interface to check off each hoop scored, which in turn displayed on the big screen.

We also designed and built a leaderboard on a second big screen to display the participants' names, score and position, and automatically adjust positions when new scores were added.

How we did it

We first mapped out the game play flow and identified the different screens required, and the content to display on each. From there we started on design and animation for each touchpoint, working closely with Nike and Foot Locker to best utilise campaign creative.

While the designs were underway, we simultaneously mapped out the hardware requirements and connection points required between the screens, for the game to run successfully.

We set up a VueJS application using a custom store and sockets in order to update allocation game screens across multiple devices, in real time.

Through experience from previous events and testing, we learned that wifi isn’t the most stable connection at an event that draws a crowd, as everyone’s mobile phones interfere with the connection.

As on-site testing was unavailable prior to the event, to best avoid any potential lag between the screens due to poor wifi, we also set up a closed local network to run the application in order to prevent network traffic and any potential interference disrupting the game screens during the event.

A closed network was achieved by running the application in a local development environment with only a single wifi connection used to connect to the local device to manage and control the sessions and games.


Basketball shootout game

We designed and developed multiple digital touchpoints to support the shootout game during the event.

From the smaller iPad screens used to securely capture player’s details, to the big screens with timers, countdowns, and players’ names and scores. These helped create an energetic environment to support the campaign launch event, build excitement and encourage participation.

To keep engagement high throughout the weekend-long event, prizes were awarded at the end of each hour and the leaderboard was reset by the referee through the admin interface.

Jersey customisation

At the event, there was also a jersey customisation where players and onlookers could purchase a Space Jam jersey from Foot Locker, and personalise with their name or campaign creative heat press badges. We designed and built a customisation web app available on iPads within the space, where users could make their selections and submit their orders.

**Due to Covid-19 restrictions in Victoria at the time, this project was designed, built and tested, but did not go ahead.

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