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Content Production. Custom photography and video production to support the new efm Logistics website.

The brief

As part of the efm website redevelopment project, we planned and produced an asset suite of photos and videos to support and enhance their site and broader brand content.

What we did

People represent an important element of efm’s business, and their supportive, team-oriented culture is central to the solutions they provide for their customers. Trust is an essential part of client relationships in the logistics industry, and efm wanted their new website to reflect their emphasis on culture through people-focused photography that showed the real faces behind the brand.

In addition to a custom photoshoot, we also planned and produced a series of videos to support the new site content. Since efm operate in a complex industry and their audience is often time-poor, the videos offer users a quick way to learn about efm’s value proposition, whilst also getting to know the faces and personalities of key people within the business.

These video assets covered everything from efm’s core offerings of end-to-end supply chain solutions and warehousing services, through to people and culture, careers, and case studies featuring long standing clients.

How we did it

Developing a photography style for efm

Leveraging the UX and visual design of the new website, we developed a photography moodboard that would guide the photoshoot direction on the day. We identified a series of lighting styles, angles, and subjects that would pair well with the site content designs and support efm’s goals of showcasing the people behind their brand. We also undertook a site visit to scope out potential photography locations and ensure the shoot would run efficiently on the day.

Planning and Art Direction

When planning video assets, we first identified the content themes and site pages which would most benefit from supporting video content. This allowed us to determine how many different cuts of video footage we would need. From here, we developed a narrative plan for each video that outlined the people, location, messaging, and shot types to be used in each scene.

With a plan and direction for the shoot in place, we undertook a site recce to identify shoot locations and brief the interviewees who would be filmed on the day. The production planning aspect of the project was tightly managed to ensure that everything ran to schedule on the day and that the talent felt comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

We wanted the videos to feel natural and capture an authentic view of the efm business and its people. We developed a series of question prompts and key messagings that would guide our video interviews and give the interviewees a base from which they could craft their own authentic responses. To ensure the videos remained on brand and adopted the right tone of voice, we also provided a sample scripted response to each question prompt, which provided the interviewees with a sense of the level of detail we were looking to achieve.

Next, we created a storyboard for the main brand video, which represented the longest cut. This helped our video team plan their shots more effectively and also acted as the source of truth when scheduling interviews and organising shoot locations with efm.

An efficient shoot process

On the day of the shoot, our video production team was accompanied by an Art Director, a Strategist, and a Producer who oversaw the interview process to ensure that all the required messaging points were being captured. Our Photographer conducted the photoshoot simultaneously so that any disruption to efm’s office activities could be minimised.

The video team worked closely with the website redevelopment project team throughout the editing process to ensure that each cut accurately reflected the page content it had been designed to support, and remained true to the efm brand.

Finally, the photography and video assets were presented to efm stakeholders for review in time for content entry to be completed on the new website.


We produced six videos and a suite of over 100 photos for use across efm’s digital channels. The videos now form part of core website journeys, providing users with greater insight into the efm business model and culture in an easily digestible format. efm has also been using both the videos and photos across their social media channels to aid in their broader digital marketing efforts. Since then, we’ve been working with efm to produce additional case study videos, working hand-in-hand with some of efm’s core clients to develop a new library of customer success stories.

It was a great experience getting to meet and work alongside so many members of the efm team to bring these videos to life. efm’s people truly embody the values of their organisation, which made the creative process both seamless and enjoyable, and resulted in authentic, high quality films. I’m looking forward to working more with the efm team on future creative projects!  Jess Dagala, Senior Producer (Tundra)

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