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MoneyMinded Teaching Platform. We worked with BSI Learning and ANZ to develop an online teaching platform for financial educators.

The brief

MoneyMinded (ANZ's flagship financial education program) is a program that aims to improve financial literacy and encourage responsible saving practices.

MoneyMinded’s courses are taught by official program facilitators, who were previously reliant on physical printed books containing all course materials. This book had become challenging to manage, so when BSI were engaged to update the course materials as part of an annual content update, both ANZ and BSI also recognised a need for making these materials available online. We were then engaged to lead the design of an online platform, which would be purpose built to help program facilitators manage their courses and access the materials they needed to perform at their best.

What we did

We worked closely with BSI, ensuring that both BSI and ANZ were aligned as the project progressed. This ensured that anything presented to ANZ or their technology partner was 100% compatible with what BSI was proposing for the updated course materials content.

The main challenge for ANZ and BSI was ensuring that the switch from offline learning materials to online was as seamless as possible for program facilitators.

How we did it

The first step was immersing ourselves in the program through stakeholder workshops with both BSI and ANZ. We also held one-on-one interviews with program facilitators to better understand their current pain points, practicalities and potential roadblocks in switching to online learning materials.

Once we had a holistic understanding of the program, we developed user journeys to highlight essential functions of the portal for various user types, especially as facilitators came from a wide range of backgrounds, and technical understanding. The user journeys allowed us to compile a wishlist of requirements, which we implemented in our interactive wireframes. We then tested the wireframes with real users to validate the intended functionality.

Once the functionality was proven effective in user testing and finalised, we moved into visual design. The designs not only had to support portal functionality, but they had to be compatible with the visual language BSI had established in the physical learning materials to create consistency and familiarity between the two formats. We implemented the same colour palette and illustration style from the physical materials, but extended this to create a digital style guide for the platform. We also extended and applied the creative concept of the MoneyMinded world and illustrated characters and locations developed for the physical materials to further strengthen the association between these.


The final solution was built around the insight that users needed an intuitive way to access their learning materials online.

The new platform provides educators and program facilitators with the ability to develop custom lesson plans, save sessions, access preset suggested lessons, and more.

These new features provide facilitators with greater control and flexibility than was possible with their previous physical printed learning materials.

In addition, the visual and structural design of the portal is strongly aligned with the design of the actual learning materials, creating a seamless brand experience for users.

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