Australia Post Email Redesign

Email template redesign. We helped Australia post roll out an update to their digital marketing communications as part of their brand refresh project.

The brief

Australia Post underwent a brand refresh, which was rolled out online in numerous stages. As part of the rollout, Australia Post partnered with Tundra to address one of their key touchpoints: their digital marketing communications.

Tundra was tasked with redesigning all eDM templates across the entire Australia Post customer journey and across all business units. This was with the view of bringing them in line with the new branding system and latest email marketing requirements.

What we did

We worked closely with the Australia Post design team to understand the new brand guidelines inside and out, while also learning about the broad range of digital marketing touchpoints that made up the Australia Post customer journey.

How we did it

We held a kick off session with the Australia Post design team to help familiarise ourselves with the new design system. From there, we dissected the eDM examples provided by Australia Post, and consolidated these into a set of templates that aligned with Australia Post’s digital marketing touchpoints. These ranged from parcel tracking notifications and marketing newsletters through to announcements and eCommerce promotion emails. Each template included its own set of requirements that would influence the design system.

Where necessary, we worked with Australia Post to extend the design system to ensure that the final templates were flexible enough to cover the varying needs of the full online customer journey; both now, and into the future.

We then built out the templates into a final set of HTML code packages, which could be easily customised and populated with content for each individual email send. While the primary goal of the project was to bring the eDM templates in line with the new branding, we also implemented a component-based structure for the new eDM templates, providing Australia Post with greater flexibility for future campaign use.


While the full customer journey spanned fourteen different, fairly broad, categories of digital marketing communications, once we’d designed layouts to cover them all, we then consolidated these into just four flexible componentised email templates.

These became the master templates, which were then built into the final output of HTML code packages. We paid specific attention to the code itself including comments and notes for Australia Post developers to be able to easily customise the layouts and components and populate these with content for each individual send.

Impact of the work

The final templates have allowed Australia Post to overcome legacy limitations that their previous email files had in place, and enabled them to achieve a consistent design across all online touchpoints, while allowing for faster turn-around builds in house.

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