JD Sports AF1 40th Anniversary Quiz

Online Interactive Quiz, We created a custom quiz for JD Sports to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Nike’s AF1.

The brief

Ahead of the 40th anniversary of the AF1 sneaker, Nike released a pack of retro AF1 colourways. JD Sports wanted to create a quiz competition that offered customers the chance to win a custom shoe chest to house this new AF1 collection. We worked with JD Sports and their partners Space Between and Boom Studios to bring the quiz to life.

What we did

A deep dive into AF1 history

To create the foundation of the quiz, we did a deep dive into the history of the AF1, from its very first release in 1982. We used key milestones from the sneaker’s evolution to craft ten multiple-choice questions, and hints to help users advance through the quiz. These hints didn’t directly answer the questions, but instead provided background information to help users eliminate some of the multiple choice answers from their selections.

An innovative design

Leveraging a concept developed by our partner agency Space Between, we created a UI design for the quiz page and supporting product launch social posts.

We implemented a horizontal scroll interaction for the landing page, providing users with an intuitive progression through the questions. The design features quirky animation, exaggerated typography, and vintage AF1 photography assets — including campaign creative from the 80’s and 90’s.

The hints were scattered throughout the landing page as easter eggs, hidden in little animated shoe boxes that would open a tooltip on click.

We also included imagery of the custom shoe chest prize produced by Boom Studios to further entice users to enter the competition.

How we did it

Result management, made easy

To accompany the landing page, we built an admin dashboard that would allow JD Sports to view entries in real time and easily access participants’ responses. We built the quiz and its admin dashboard using VueJS, and utilised Firebase to store and manage entries. To make the quiz experience more engaging, we animated various elements of the design using GSAP, a Javascript animation library.


The quiz landing page provided JD Sports’ customers with an engaging way to test their knowledge of AF1 history and enter the competition. Over the four days the competition was live, the quiz recorded over four thousand entries, exceeding expectations.

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